Welcome to my page!

A bit of info about myself:

I’m a Hispanic girl in her early 20s who has depression and anxiety. A girl who struggles with simple day to day conversation, and who has shut herself away for long enough that she’s lost sight of who she is.

I am in school, I have a full time job that I enjoy and I own my own car. I’ve noticed that many people tell me that because I’ve accomplished these things, I shouldn’t be so sad all the time. I think that, although I’m proud of my accomplishments, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m depressed.

I’ve gained an uncomfortable amount of weight, I’ve become either extremely emotional or emotionally unavailable, and I feel as though I’ve hit a wall.

After a second failed suicide attempt, I visited a crises center where, I received a list of  99 coping skills.

A lot of the skills are just simple every day things but, and some of you may know this, sometimes the easy things are just really hard to get the motivation to do.

This list contains things that I truly enjoyed when I was younger; things I often find myself wishing I still did.

I’m using this blog as a place to journal my feeling and complete these skills while I work to better myself.

If you happen to find this page, feel free to comment or make recommendations or give advice or just share you’re own emotions with me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are other people dealing with issues as well and sometimes speaking to an unbiased person can help. Tell me what coping skills you use or tell me something you think I should work on.

I’m going to be myself 100% of the time on here, weirdness and all.

I’m so excited to find myself again.

thank you for listening,

Anxious Brunette

(I think I’ll continue to update this about me section as I learn a bit more about myself and gain some self confidence.)99 coping skills

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